How should Presidents act in a crisis? Obama dances the tango

How should Presidents act in a crisis? Obama dances the tango March 24, 2016

How should Presidents act in a crisis?

After Tuesday’s terror attacks in Brussels, Camille Paglia says that President Obama needs to brush up on that:

This week’s horrific terrorist attacks on the Brussels airport and metro raised the pressure in the already tight U.S. presidential campaign. Candidates of both parties were instantly measured against voter expectations of how a president could and should behave in a similar crisis. Meanwhile, it was jarring to see a beaming President Obama relaxing at a Cuban baseball game, while grisly photos of the wrecked terminal and dazed, bloodied victims in Belgium were on steady media feed all over the world.

But the baseball game was BEFORE the photos emerged today of the President dancing the tango at a state dinner. CNN reports:

When in Argentina, dance the tango.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama tangoed with professional dancers Wednesday during a state dinner at the Kirchner Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires.

The event started with a dance performance for the guests at the dinner. A couple of dancers performed while Argentine President Mauricio Macri explained aspects of the dance to Obama. The first lady appeared taken with the performance, according to pool notes.

The female dancer then asked Obama to floor while the male performer requested the same of Michelle.

A headline on Progressives Today is Obama Dances The Tango in Argentina AS THE WORLD BURNS.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, Obama dedicated exactly  51 seconds on the issue while speaking to a Cuban audience.  “Please indulge me,” he said before he spoke of the incident.

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