This Mormon Missionary Survived Terror Attacks in Boston, Paris, AND Brussels

This Mormon Missionary Survived Terror Attacks in Boston, Paris, AND Brussels March 25, 2016

Mason Wells is only 19 years old. And this Mormon missionary was at the Brussels airport when ISIS struck earlier this week, suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon, injuries from shrapnel, and second- and third-degree burns on his face and hands.

Given his proximity to the explosions, this is pretty miraculous that he’s still alive.

But this story gets even crazier.

Turns out, Mason Wells was also in Paris when ISIS struck there last November.

AND he was one block away from the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013.

The Daily Mail has more:

‘This is his third terrorist attack,’ Chad Wells, Mason’s father, told ABC News.

‘This is the third time that sadly in our society that we have a connection to a bomb blast.

‘We live in a dangerous world and not everyone is kind and loving.’ …

‘It’s a miracle he’s alive. It’s a blessing from God he’s alive,’ Chad Wells said. ‘He’s just grateful to be alive, to have survived this, we’re grateful that he survived such a horrible thing, because being right there at ground zero, and right next to the attack – and to survive – is nothing short of a huge miracle.’

Reports from eyewitnesses say that Wells kept a good sense of humor even as he was on the ground bleeding immediately after the attack.

(I hope Mason’s next mission isn’t anywhere close to where I live!)

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