Black activists cried “racism” over this Gap ad, but then they saw LAST YEAR’s ad…

Black activists cried “racism” over this Gap ad, but then they saw LAST YEAR’s ad… April 7, 2016


Continuing the theme of “everything is racist” in modern American culture, a new GapKids clothing ad, meant for empowering young girls to follow their dreams, has been attacked as racist.

Can you can spot the oppression?

The social justice warrior entity that calls itself Black Twitter sure did and erupted over the photograph, slamming Gap for the white model using the young black model as an “armrest:”

What makes this story even more amusing is the fact that this clothing line partners with Ellen Degeneres, one of the biggest supporters of social justice equality among Hollywood liberals. Plus, the entire campaign is dripping with feminism. What’s not to love about this to the progressive crowd? Yet, the ad was perceived by some of them as “white feminism.”

I admit it.  It’s sort of fun to watch the Left eat its own.

Here’s what resident race-baiter Zeba Blay of The Huffington Post had to say about it:

“I found the pose to be pretty harmless. And yet, it’s unfair to say that the people who do take issue with the photo are simply overreacting…

“That sensitivity, no matter how ‘over the top’ it may seem to those who don’t get it, is still valid. It comes from a real place. It comes from a place that so many of the (mostly white) decision makers in the world of media are oblivious to. Perhaps if there were more black people and other people of color in positions of power in media and advertising, controversies like this one could be avoided.”

That’s interesting because Oprah Winfrey comes to mind, or Jay-z and his wife Beyonce. Did Blay forget about these and the many other hugely successful and extremely powerful people of color who undoubtedly inspire millions of other people of color? Perhaps there is a more personal side to the faux controversy Blay hasn’t considered.

And then there’s this: Take a look at this ad from last year. It’s also from GapKids, it’s even the same brand, but this time a white girl is the prop for the black girl:




Nope! Crickets.

In the end, Black Twitter and all of the other social justice warriors got what they wanted because Gap caved and pulled the “offending” photo and replaced it with another one from the session.

But the only problem is, some liberal activists can never be appeased and have already moved on, seeking what they will devour next.

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