Professor hides under desk and calls 911, because she saw THIS on campus

Professor hides under desk and calls 911, because she saw THIS on campus April 13, 2016

English Professor Heidi Czierwic at the University of North Dakota called 911, panicking under her desk about the threat to her life and the students.

What was the threat? Was it an ISIS attack? Was it an insane person?

Nope. It was an ROTC drill.

So she laughed it off and realized her mistake, right? She apologized to 911 and went about her day, thankful that there was no real threat and that there are students on her campus committing their lives to serving her and the rest of our country so she can be free to live, teach, learn, and spout whatever liberal nonsense is coming out of her mouth… RIGHT?

Wrong. Oh so very wrong.

To the activist left on college campuses, everything is an opportunity to be outraged. This was no different. Here’s an excerpt from what she wrote in Grand Forks Herald:

I look up from my office computer to see two figures in camo with guns outside my window. My first thought is for my students’ and my safety: I grab my phone, crawl under my desk and call 911. The dispatcher keeps me on the line until someone can see if ROTC is doing maneuvers.

I can barely talk—first, with fear, and then with rage when the dispatcher reports back that yes, in fact, I’ve probably just seen ROTC cadets, though they’re going to send an officer to check because no one has cleared it with them. They thank me for reporting it.

A few minutes later, a university officer calls me back—not to reassure me, but to scold me for calling 911. He says ROTC has permission to do this exercise. When I tell him that this was news to 911 and that they encouraged me to call whenever I see a gun on campus, he seems surprised.

He also tells me that ROTC will be doing these exercises for the next couple weeks.

So I reply that I guess I’ll be calling 911 for the next couple weeks—and I will. Every time.

This is unbelievable. But unfortunately, there are few things happening in higher education today that are unbelievable anymore. That’s how insane things have gotten.

A friend told me about exchanges at Harvard Business School when American Sniper was in theaters, setting box office records and getting nominated for dozens of awards. It seems that the ivory tower simply didn’t understand, and the reason why was quite simple. Numerous Harvard professors said that they literally did not know a single U.S. military veteran.

So perhaps it shouldn’t surprise us when we hear stories like this one. Liberal professors simply don’t understand the military, guns, or apparently even the ROTC. Thankfully, these ROTC students are probably taught that microaggressions aren’t a real thing in a world of terrorists and real threats. Otherwise, they’d have some major disagreements with this professor.

The soldiers have common sense and patriotism.

Unlike some professors I know…


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