Dave Ramsey offers hope on the trendy Bernie socialism: why America is going to be ok anyway

Dave Ramsey offers hope on the trendy Bernie socialism: why America is going to be ok anyway May 16, 2016

Millennials love socialism — all that free stuff, like free college and free health care, until they realize they have to pay for it. That’s when their devotion fades.

Personal finance talk show host Dave Ramsey had something to say about this on his program, yet instead of looking at the glass half empty, Ramsey offered a rare glimpse of hope for the give-it-all-to-me millennial generation.

Ramsey has built a rather large empire teaching people how to stay away from debt and to work several jobs to secure your future. His company employs hundreds and many of them are millennials. Like any generation, Ramsey said these young people fall into two categories: “awesome” or “sucks.” While many believe, as Ramsey said, “I was born on third base and I think I hit a triple,” there are others that are hard workers and he has witnessed that attitude as their employer.

It’s all about growing up, he adds:

“When you have to put your money where your mouth is, it puts your philosophies to the test. That’s different than sitting around a campfire smoking weed and discussing philosophy. Everybody’s a philosopher when they don’t have to write the checks.”

“It’s very difficult to find anyone that’s much more of a capitalist than an old hippie,” Ramsey said. He reminded us all that once upon a time there were pro-Communist, American flag-burning, anti-Vietnam hippies prancing around in the ’60s, but once they got jobs and families, they realized that free-for-all lifestyle didn’t go very far.

It’s easy to lose hope when so many young people are drawn to Bernie Sanders’ Democratic socialism like moths to a flame. That’s why I appreciated Dave Ramsey’s message about this group:

“We’re going to be all right, America.”

Listen for yourselves below:

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