MUST WATCH: 20 years of Hillary Clinton lying condensed to 13 minutes

MUST WATCH: 20 years of Hillary Clinton lying condensed to 13 minutes May 23, 2016

The YouTube page for Michael Armstrong has done the impossible: taken the lies told by  Hillary Clinton over the last 20 years and condensed them down to 13 watchable minutes of must-see TV.

It’s like one-stop shopping as to why someone should never want another President Clinton.  She has flipped, then flopped and told more whoppers than her husband has eaten at Burger King!

The video highlights Clinton’s indecision on whether she is a moderate or a progressive, whether she’s for or against same-sex marriage. She’s not sure exactly what is on her private e-mail server, no wait, she is sure. Clinton can be seen on both sides of Wall Street and the NAFTA trade agreement. This is exactly why she is criticized for never taking a firm position on controversial issues.

Remember what CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked her during one of the Democratic debates this year:

“Will you say anything to get elected?”

That answer is a resounding “yes,” whether she admits it or not. We now have 13 minutes of solid evidence to prove it. Of course, if she’s ever confronted with this video, she will slither out of it as she has done her entire political career.

I enjoyed reading Trey Sanchez’s response to the video over at TruthRevolt. He quipped, “Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire.”


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