Leonardo DiCaprio flies 8,000 miles for the good of the environment

Leonardo DiCaprio flies 8,000 miles for the good of the environment May 26, 2016

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What’s good for you isn’t necessarily what’s good for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Powerful Hollywood moguls will never let us forget that we are hurting the environment by driving everywhere and heating our homes, while at the same time owning more cars and homes than the rest of us!

Remember, it was DiCaprio that lectured the world at the Oscars earlier this year that “climate change is real” and said “big polluters” need to “stop procrastinating” and do something about “the most urgent threat facing our entire species.”

So, how does Leo do when faced with his own advice? Why, what any good Hollywood hypocrite would: fly 8,000 miles on a private jet to receive an environmental award!

The New York Post has the details:

DiCaprio was at the Cannes Film Festival this week, and was spotted there partying at club Gotha on Monday with model Georgia Fowler, then jetted back to New York for the Riverkeeper Fishermen’s Ball at Chelsea Piers on Wednesday, where he was honored by the clean-water advocacy group and Robert De Niro.

Just 24 hours later, DiCaprio reappeared back in France for amfAR’s glitzy Cinema Against AIDS gala, where he gave a speech.

How’s that for consistency?

And it wasn’t just his jet fuel-burning flight that made a contributing to the Earth’s atmosphere, his foundation put its money where it’s mouth isn’t, pledging $15 million to environmental causes. His money speaks louder than his actions, apparently.

What’s worse, DiCaprio’s insiders are defending the actor’s jaunt halfway around the world telling the Post that he was “hitching a ride” with someone already on their way to New York from Cannes. So, that’s justifiable, right? He was simply ride-sharing his carbon footprint.

Robert Rapier is an environmental analyst and is quoted in the article pointing out how DiCaprio’s lifestyle “diminishes his moral authority to lecture others on reducing their own carbon emissions:”

“[He] demonstrates exactly why our consumption of fossil fuels continues to grow. It’s because everyone loves the combination of cost and convenience they offer. Alternatives usually require sacrifice of one form or another. Everybody says, ‘I’ve got a good reason for consuming what I consume’ . . . It’s the exact same rationalization for billions of people.”

Making this story even better was what DiCaprio auctioned off at one of the galas he rushed back to in France: a stay in his Palm Springs, California mansion — for $500,000! And that’s just one of his mansions, there’s also yachts and endless miles in gas-guzzling SUVs and limousines.

You can smell his diesel cologne from here.

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