Black ESPN host criticizes Anti-Trump LAX protests, gets roasted on social media for not toeing the line

Black ESPN host criticizes Anti-Trump LAX protests, gets roasted on social media for not toeing the line January 31, 2017

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, Donald Trump’s executive order related to travel and Muslim countries has set off a firestorm of debate… and hysteria.  At Los Angeles International Airport, thousands of protestors met there to block traffic, doorways, and generally make sure that no one got where they needed to go that day.

Nothing says “we want people to be able to travel without restriction” than making it impossible for people to catch their planes.

ESPN host Sage Steele was there, trying to catch her flight, but it didn’t happen.  When she finally got close to LAX to see what was happening, she realized that this delay was caused by the protestors.  She got on social media to explain her frustration:

A photo posted by Sage Steele (@sagesteele) on

She captioned her photo:

So THIS is why thousands of us dragged luggage nearly 2 miles to get to LAX, but still missed our flights. Fortunately, a 7 hour wait for the next flight to Houston won’t affect me that much, but my heart sank for the elderly and parents with small children who did their best to walk all that way but had no chance of making their flights. I love witnessing people exercise their right to protest! But it saddened me to see the joy on their faces knowing that they were successful in disrupting so many people’s travel plans. Yes, immigrants were affected by this as well. Brilliant.

Of course, black people are not allowed to say anything against their Democratic overlords but she must’ve have gotten the message.  Immediately leftist tweeters began criticizing her very modest post with vile racial slurs and insults, as typified by this:

“I wish there was a coon emoji.”

The bottom line is that Democrats are not the “peace and tolerance” crowd that they pretend to be.  The party has been taken over by radicals.  (Don’t believe me? Witness how the Women’s March somehow managed to be both vapid and disgusting.)  But the most acidic comments are always reserved for black people who do not bow down to every tenet the liberals toss out there.

I don’t know Sage Steele’s politics, but I enjoy her sports commentary…  I hope she’s not intimidated so much that she stops sharing her lovely dose of common sense to a world that so desperately needs to hear it.


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