Liberals love immigrants, right? Watch how Chelsea Handler treats the first immigrant First Lady

Liberals love immigrants, right? Watch how Chelsea Handler treats the first immigrant First Lady February 1, 2017


What happens if someone makes fun of an immigrant’s accent and questions their intelligence? And what if that immigrant is very well known and recently took a special position in the United States? Nothing if you’re Chelsea Handler.

Melania Trump, the first immigrant first lady since 1825, has barely had the chance to unpack in her new home and is already being ridiculed by self-righteous celebrities. The same stars, mind you, that lecture everyone not to be bullies.

In an interview with Variety magazine, Handler unloaded her hatred of Melania, going full-on schoolyard bully when she was asked if she would ever have the first lady on her show.

“Melania? What’s to talk about? What? She can barely speak English,” Handler said.

Yes, these are the same celebrities who are going apoplectic over Donald Trump’s Executive Order related to travel from Muslim countries.  But that’s not the first time she’s lobbed insults at Melania Trump’s accent or intelligence. She’s filled her Twitter feed with them:

It’s important to note, as Fox News did, that Handler has no college degree.  I don’t either, so I’m not judging.  However, I don’t go around insulting others’ education.

Maybe Handler was still high on all the positive vibes she felt earlier that day when she was speaking at a women’s march at the Sundance Film Festival. She told Variety she felt very inspired after the march and said she’s ready to stop all the divisiveness and start being “nice” and “good” to people she doesn’t like. Yeah, she actually said — and that was after insulting Mrs. Trump.

But here’s the best part: besides profanity, Handler speaks only one language, as far as I know. Guess how many Melania speaks? Five: English, French, Italian, German, and Slovene.

If Handler didn’t have double standards, she’d have no standards at all.


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