Trump speaks at Women’s Empowerment conference, manages to insult men and women

Trump speaks at Women’s Empowerment conference, manages to insult men and women March 30, 2017


Screenshot from embedded CNN clip

When Donald Trump was elected President, many women were upset at the message his election was sending to the women in this nation – especially after an “Access Hollywood” tape emerged that revealed that Trump bragged about grabbing women by the genitals. Well, he was elected, of course, and that means that he’s actually doing things like speaking at Women Empowerment conferences. Yes, take a moment to let that sink in.

Stephen Colbert didn’t let the moment pass. “It was the first women’s event he attended since sneaking into the dressing room at the Miss USA pageant,” he said.  His team then dubbed the Access Hollywood audio over his actual speech, to pretty amazing effect.  (Note this is toward the end of his monologue, but the whole thing is pretty funny.)

Anyway, Trump’s real comments weren’t that great.  Raw Story transcribed his speech:

“Since the very beginning, women have driven, and I mean, each generation of Americans, towards a more free and more prosperous future,” Trump said. “These patriots are women like the legendary Abigail Adams, right? Who, during the founding, urged her husband to remember the rights of women. She was very much a pioneer in that way. We’ve been blessed with courageous heroes like Harriet Tubman who escaped slavery. And went on to deliver hundreds of others to freedom, first in the underground railroad and then as a spy for the union army. She was very, very courageous, believe me. Around we’ve had leaders like Susan B. Anthony. Have you heard of Susan B. Anthony? I’m shocked that you’ve heard of her — who dreamed of a much more fair and equal future and an America where women themselves as she said helped to make laws and elect the lawmakers, and that’s what’s happening more and more.”

But here’s the part that is super annoying.  As he ended his speech, he said, that men and women alike have the same dreams.  But women, he points out have a big advantage over men. “You know why?” he asked. “right there,” he said as he pointed to his head.  Women are smarter than men, you see.

Will society ever get to the point where it’s not fashionable to put down men as one tries to elevate women?

But wait, if you watch the video, the whole women-are-smarter-than-men thing was played for laughs.  Why would it be funny to say women are smart?  Why would it be necessary to do so?

The NewLife blog puts this succinctly:

I’ve come across the concept of men elevating, or raising, women a few times and it has never sat right with me. It has usually sounded condescending and patronising, even stifling, rather than encouraging and empowering…

Men do not have the responsibility of raising women, but people in more powerful or privileged positions — and that often includes men — do have a responsibility to help those who are weaker or less fortunate. This means helping, encouraging, and empowering people, and opening doors of opportunity in real, practical ways. It does not mean offering a condescending, feeble, or false kind of honour.

The piece goes on: “Instead of trying to reach down to elevate wives as a form of honouring them, husbands should simply acknowledge that their Christian wives (and sisters) already share the same status and honour as themselves, and treat women as such.”

Exactly.  Can’t we just retire all of the gender politics from both sides and talk about something more important?

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