From the “They didn’t prepare me for this in the seminary” file

From the “They didn’t prepare me for this in the seminary” file November 1, 2012

We’re still here. my parish is still in the dark, but thank God not much damage. I’m writing this post via iPhone so please excuse any typos.  I have been incredibly moved by the resilience of the people of New York, New Jersey and beyond. Power is slowly coming back to our area – my mother just received her power.   will have plans here at the parish to move Masses this Sunday to the parish auditorium where there is more natural light  if the power doesn’t return.  We have survived the last few days on candles and whatever was left in the fridge that had to be either cooked or thrown out.  As a rectory we have bonded together – especially over meals. Those moments to come together around the dining room table and share in the fraternity of the priesthood have been moments I don’t think I’ll soon forget.

I have to say we are lucky. It would be nice to have the power back but compared to so many others we have been incredibly blessed here. My heart is breaking for breezy point and other areas so devastated. But if today’s feast of All Saints has taught is anything its that in the darkest of times we creed to rely on God. The great difference between us and the saints is that the saints kept trying. They didn’t give up. They continually relied upon The Lord. We’re all called to do the same. For so many in the North East that call to rely upon The Lord is being felt in a real and  drastic way as they have lost everything. Those of us that are more fortunate tonight let’s make sure we thank The Lord in a real way these next few days and lets all not forget to pray for so many in such need tonight.

I’ll try to upload pictures of the last few days as I am able to.  Please remember to pray for us as I’ll be praying for all of you.   God Bless you all!

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