A Facebook Stand

A Facebook Stand March 28, 2013

Even though I left facebook for a break a few weeks ago, I’ve heard all about what’s happened this week, with people changing their profile pictures or statuses to take a stand either for or against same-sex marriage. I think it’s wonderful that people feel passionately about something other than Dancing with the Stars, even if I don’t agree with the stand they’ve taken.

Since so many others are changing their profiles to reflect something they care deeply about this week, I says to myself, “Why not?”

So I’m taking a stand too. I’m changing my picture to what I care deeply about this week: Christ crucified.

What I care deeply about is Christ crucified. About the truth that God loves every single person on this planet – whether white, black, man, woman, or child, gay or straight, born or unborn, handicapped or “able-bodied” and in spite of all our sins – so much that he stooped low to become one of his creation, and let that creation mock him, torture him and murder him so that all of our sorry selves could have the chance of salvation.
True love is God love. True love is love that empties itself for the other. True love gives and never counts the cost. True love is crucified love. If you want to see true love, go stand in front of a crucifix and let it sink in.
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  • KJL

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Sarah

    I love this!

  • Seriously. This is what is most important.

    Thanks for this 🙂

  • Great points, and I am going to use this image on my fb! I hope you don’t mind!

  • Pat

    Wonderful! Said perfectly. Thank you for writing.