Calling All Mamas

Calling All Mamas October 28, 2013

Help, Help! as the toddler says oh, 75 times a day, give or take a million.

Since I’m in the home stretch of this pregnancy, my thoughts have turned to what life might be like after these sweet babes arrive. Only for a minute at a time or so, because I’m trying to not let the panic of having two newborns and a toddler settle in until absolutely necessary.

But, as I study my little diaper bag, I’m struck that it just might not be large enough for all the items I’ll need for said two infants and a toddler still in diapers.

In fact, when Maggie was a baby I would often fill the bag just with her things and my wallet, phone, etc.

This is the one I have and I love it, just know it’s not going to be big enough. It should be fine for if I go out with only one child, or for the gym day care, but I’m thinking I’ll need bigger for everyday use.
I’ve heard that a lot of twin moms like the Skip Hop Duo Double.
Not the world’s cutest bag, but my goodness its huge.
Here are my requirements:
enough pockets for bottles for two babies and a cup for M
has to be lined with plastic or otherwise able to be wiped out
needs to be able to hang on my stroller (baby jogger city select)
the top has to be able to close (either with a zipper or magnetic closure)
Whew. I’d love for any moms who have had 3 in diapers at once, or who has had a diaper bag/tote bag/backpack they’ve loved, to share with me! Lay it on me ladies.

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  • I LOVE my Storksak. It was crazy expensive (a gift) but it’s been my faithful companion through three pregnancies now. I’m also a huge Petunia Pickle Bottom fan. 🙂

  • I don’t have a diaper bag to recommend, I currently have a Diaper Dude it would not be big enough for twins. I do want to recommend Sugar Snap Files

    I hemmed/Hawed for months ( more like 1 or two) about the cost and would the bags be worth it. The bags are so worth it, I took the biggest one for toddler, next for infant clothes and it is great.

    Ask for them as a present or like the company on Facebook, I used a coupon when I puchased mine that came from Facebook.

  • April Acker

    I have an okiedog diaper bag… Mine is called the shuttle, but my sister had one of their messenger bags and loves it. I have two little boys and I’m able to put absolutely everything into this bag with space to spare. And it’s super easy to carry and my sister washed hers in the washer and it was perfect. and they are on Facebook and I think there is probably a coupon code out there!

  • I second the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag suggestion. But one tip I got awhile ago was to keep a small plastic bin with extra diapers, wipes, spit up rags, blanket, change of clothes for each kid in the trunk of the car. This way I keep only 1-2 diapers of each size needed and a thing if wipes, one burp cloth/blanket and one “bottom” for each kid in the bag. If I need more, I just go to the car to get it, but by then, it’s time to head home anyhow.

  • I just clicked over here from facebook to recommend the skip hop – it’s what we’ve used and it holds a TON, but it looks like you’ve already heard of it! Anyway, it snaps really conveniently onto the stroller and is super-durable. I’ve always wanted a pretty one but my husband totes it more than I do so we stuck with the manly black 🙂

  • My cousin has twins, and she uses a backpack. She said anything strappy/over the shoulder was too hard with new twins and her 3 y/o toddler. Maybe a more stylish cross body strap rather than a backpack?

  • Pat

    My twins were born 29 years ago, and I do not remember a diaper bag. I think that there was not much available. Good luck.