Decorating for Diwali

Decorating for Diwali October 19, 2014

Lights…candles…Diwali! The festival of lights is coming up and I’m getting excited.

One thing I ordered this year decorating for diwalithat I’d never used in the past was LED candles. This is because last year the lights were so beautiful that my younger son wanted to take some of the candles to his room when he went to bed, but I was concerned about the potential fire hazard. This year we’ll add the LED candles to places we wouldn’t normally feel comfortable leaving an open flame, use tea lights and votives in holders in the living room/dining room/entryway, and of course use diya (ghee lamps) for our puja. I also hang white strands of lights for Diwali and then leave them up through New Year’s, so this is the beginning of the holiday light season for us (here in Ohio, as it starts getting darker and colder, it can be depressing, and holiday lights help a lot with that).

If you want decor inspiration, you could spent hours on Pinterest. Here are some of the best pinboards I’ve found chock-full of Diwali decorating ideas.

1. Diwali Decor Ideas by Prismma Interior Desgin Magazine (over 470 pins)

2. Diwali Decorations, a group board hosted by Prasad Kumar (over 260 pins)

3. Diwali Decor Ideas by Era Gupta (almost 200 pins)

4. Diwali Decoration by Bharti Shah (over 170 pins)

5. Diwali Decor, a group board hosted by Sujeeta Malik (over 560 pins)

6. Diwali Decor by Neha Animesh (almost 100 pins)

7. Diwali Decor by J A (over 130 pins)

8. Diwali Decorations by Deviga Rani (over 100 pins)

9. Diwali Decor by Avani Sonthalia (over 100 pins)

10. Diwali Decor by Anita Pathak (over 100 pins)

11. Diwali Sweets/Decor/Rangoli/Lights by Anne Apuakehau (over 100 pins)

12. Diwali Decor by Cherish Dream Live (over 70 pins)

13. Diwali Decor by Indu Rekha Naganathan (over 40 pins)

14. Diwali Decor Ideas by Vinita Sharma (over 50 pins)

15. Diwali Decor Ideas by The Keybunch (over 70 pins)

16. Diwali Decorations by Priya Mishra (over 60 pins)

17, Diwali Decor by Purvi Tibrewala (90 pins)

18. Diwali Decor, Rangolis, tablescapes, torans and more by Prachi Grover (over 60 pins)

19. Diwali Decor by Amrutha Langs (over 170 pins)

20. Diwali Decorations by Dimple Pratel (40 pins)

21. Diwali Decor by Tasvi Naik (over 50 pins)

22. Diwali Decorations, a group board hosted by Rewaz Creations Sri (over 20 pins)

23. Diwali Decorations by Lata Verma (almost 30 pins)

24. Diwali Decorations by Gayathri Krishnan (almost 30 pins)

25. Diwali Decore by Aditi Chowdhary Ladia

If you have a Diwali pinboard of your own (or a blog post with Diwali decorating ideas), feel free to link up to it in the comments. Happy decorating!

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