3 Gates of the Dead Filmmaker Competition.

3 Gates of the Dead Filmmaker Competition. July 23, 2013


Hey Everyone,

Some you of you know that I’ve got a little bookie wook coming out October 15 called 3 Gates of the Dead. The story is a paranormal/horror/thriller centered around the main character, Aidan Schaeffer.

Anyway, to promote the book, myself, my agent and my publisher worked together to put a unique contest to not only promote the book, but give aspiring filmmakers a huge break.

The Grand Prize? A three day trip to Hollywood, meeting with the director of development for the Wolper Organization (Bates Motel), meetings with agents/managers and their work broadcast to the world.

Here is all the info you need to know! 3 Gates of the Dead Film Competition

Along with the Grand Prize:

-There will be a people’s choice award. Have your friends vote!

-Celebrity Judges such as Michel Shane (Producer of Catch me if you Can, I, Robot), Sam Alexander, Director of Development for the Wolper Organization, writer Serita Stevens,  Wendy Kram and the legendary scream queen, Jessica Cameron. Along with more to be added later!

And some other great prizes for the runners up…..

Enter today by clicking on the above link.

Come on, scare me, I dare you….





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