Rediscovering Advent

Rediscovering Advent December 1, 2008

Now it is Advent and a new church year. This article reports that more and more Christians, including those from non-liturgical, non-church-year-observing churches, are observing Advent. Good for them. Far better than counting down the shopping days until Christmas is studying the prophecies of Christ in the Old Testament, thinking about His second coming, and looking at your life and your need for Jesus.

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  • For anyone with an iPhone, my company – iHabitus – has developed an app for Advent – Advent08. You can find more about it on our website – – or you can find it directly in iTunes here: The app is a calendar, with each day opening to reveal a daily liturgy/devotion with a selection of scripture (from the lectionary), hymns, classical art (no Cranach unfortunately, but we do have Durer in a few places), prayers and meditations, all rendered in a beautiful visual style that borrows heavily from the old hand-copied, ornate Bibles. I think you guys would really enjoy it.

    Our aim is precisely what you mentioned here – to focus Christians on our need for Christ, His incarnation, and His return. This time of year is always fast paced and its easy to miss the significance of Advent in the hectic shuffle of preparing for Christmas.

    For those without an iPhone, we’re posting most of our content from the app, as well as reflections from pastors, on our blog for each day of Advent. you can find that here:

  • James

    Yes! I’m excited about participating in Advent this year. (Something I’m trying to do with the church year more and more.)

    Here’s a great website by a Presbyterian (no offense, Dr. Veith) on some practical tips for creating meaning in Advent.