The happiness contagion

The happiness contagion December 5, 2008

A study has found that happiness really is contagious. Unhappiness is not.

I’m tempted to make fun of the study, but I won’t. It does illustrate in yet another way that God designed us to need other people and so why Christians need to be part of a church. It also shows what we should realize by experience that getting involved with people who are suffering is not inherently “depressing” but is good for us. (Some of what I just said is my extrapolation rather than from the research itself, which is working with an oddly banal definition of happiness. But still.)

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  • Ryan

    Ah, that is why misery loves company… because it cannot reproduce itself.

  • LAJ

    So should we surround ourselves with happy people or try to spread it around to the gloomy ones! Of course, sharing the Gospel is the sure way to truly help others suffer patiently.