New book on John Warwick Montgomery

New book on John Warwick Montgomery February 26, 2009

An announcement I made to the faculty, students, and staff at Patrick Henry College:

It’s a great accomplishment to write a book. It’s an even greater accomplishment to have a book written about you! PHC professor John Warwick Montgomery has that distinction, with a new book entitled Tough-Minded Christianity: Honoring the Legacy of John Warwick Montgomery.

One of its editors is William Dembski, best known as the key theorist of the Intelligent Design movement. He describes his book this way: “It is an extensive collection of essays in honor of John Warwick Montgomery. JWM’s no-nonsense brand of apologetics, in which he was willing to put everything on the table for discussion and to consider all evidence pro and con on any topic, has certainly been an inspiration to me in the ID movement. If Phillip Johnson is the father of the ID movement, then JWM is its godfather.”

Here is the description of the book:
Tough Minded Christianity is a collection of essays about the great work of John Warwick Montgomery (1931), a living legend in the field of Christian apologetics who has earned eleven degrees in philosophy, theology, law, and librarianship, debated historic atheists including Madalyn Murray O’Hair, and influenced the work of bestselling authors such as Josh McDowell.
Contributors to this volume include J. I. Packer, Ravi Zacharias, John Ankerberg, Erwin Lutzer, Vernon Grounds, Gary Habermas, and among others Paige Patterson who writes in the foreword that John Warwick Montgomery did the “intellectual heavy lifting” that undergirded the conservative renewal of the Southern Baptist Convention.

We know that Dr. Montgomery is “tough-minded” and “no-nonsense.” It may be news that he is considered the “godfather” of the Intelligent Design movement, a “living legend” among Christian apologists, and a key figure in the conservative renewal of the Southern Baptists. It is significant too that such major figures as J. I. Packer, Ravi Zacharias, John Ankerberg, etc., are paying him such tribute.

This reflects well on not only on Dr. Montgomery but on PHC and on all of you survivors of his classes.

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