Rod Rosenbladt testimonials

Rod Rosenbladt testimonials April 24, 2009

This week I had a couple of posts on New Reformation Press, which advertises on this blog (scroll down the sidebar on the right), focusing specifically on some presentations NRP makes available from Dr. Rod Rosenbladt. He is a theology professor, retiring this year from Concordia-Irvine, who has had a huge impact on many of his students and who became something of a radio star through his appearances on “White Horse Inn.” He is quite a personality, with a devastating sense of humor and an iconoclastic attitude, who proclaims and teaches the Gospel with rigor, love, and penetrating effectiveness.

He provokes testimonials like these on the “Broken by the Church Post” from some of our long-time commenters:

I remember hearing “Daddy Rod” for the first time many years ago with his friends on the White Horse Inn. I was driving on the rims atop our fair city, and I pulled over and cried. It was the first time I had heard the gospel–what Jesus had done for me–since I was a child in the Lutheran Church. –Booklover

I just finished listening to it [“The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church”]. Four bucks is a small price to pay for such a powerful message. I would’ve spent it on an over-priced coffee drink to be sure. This message is very powerful, but it is not aimed at those broken by the church per se. It is more aimed at those still in the church who are sharing the Gospel with those who are broken. We cannot hear the Gospel enough. It is so unbelievable that Christ did it all and we didn’t and cannot. As many times and I’ve heard and believed, it’s still such a shocking and totally unbelievable message. Seriously? Just Him? Nothing else? Yup. Wow. We’ll never hear it enough!!!!!–Sarah in Exile

I keep hearing from people who say how they heard Dr. Rosenbladt on “White Horse Inn” and it changed their life. I also hear from his former students who say the same thing. It strikes me that here is a good example (he would hate me saying that of him) of the vocation of college professor and evangelist. Since he’s retiring, this would be a good place to record testimonials from people who were impacted by his teaching, whether in a classroom, via the radio, through his tapes or writings, or in person. Anyone have anything to say?

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