The connection between Secularism and Polytheism

The connection between Secularism and Polytheism December 4, 2009

Hunter Baker quotes a letter to the Financial Timesfrom Dr. Gautam Pingle, the dean of the College of India:

Intolerance bred by the monotheism of the People of the Book — mostly Christian and Muslim — in their mutual and conflicting wars and quest for world domination embroiled mankind in hatred and maasacres of each other and "the other" over the past 1,700 years. Even today, we see the baleful effects of residual monotheism and its apocalyptic vision.

Fortunately, in some parts of this troubled planet, the polytheistic tendency, with its signal notion encouraging inclusion, seems to be gaining ground and legitimacy — after its long nightmare — in the guise of secularism.

So what is the connection between polytheism and secularism?

(After thinking about this and posting your opinion, read Hunter’s other post on the subject. Also, buy Hunter’s book: The End of Secularism.

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