The Bible in 72 hours

The Bible in 72 hours January 8, 2010

A church in Superior, Wisconsin is sponsoring a Bible-reading marathon.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Superior’s Central Assembly of God is ringing in the New Year with a marathon Bible-reading session. Over three days, members will read the entire Bible aloud from the pulpit into a live microphone.

“It’s an incredible thing to think you can read through the whole Bible in 72 hours,” said Rhonda Horyza, church secretary.

The “Take Up the Sword” event is more of a relay than a marathon. Reading is nonstop, 24 hours a day. Members, one at a time, read in one-hour shifts. Some couples split the time equally, sharing passages. The experience encompasses generations, from 20-year-old readers to those in their 80s.

So it only takes 72 hours to read the whole thing! The 17th century Anglican community of Little Gidding would sometimes do Psalms marathons and the like. This would be a good activity for youth groups (they could get people to contribute for each hour they read) and whole congregations (I’ve been in churches that have prayer vigils–why not Bible reading vigils?).

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