More Classical Lutheran Education online

More Classical Lutheran Education online August 13, 2012
I told you about Wittenberg Academy, offering an entire classical Lutheran high school curriculum online.  Those are asynchronous courses, which means they are self-contained and may be taken whenever the student wants to fire up the computer, though there is personal interaction with the teacher and other students built in.   Now Faith Lutheran Church in Plano, Texas, which has an excellent classical Lutheran high school, is making some of its courses available to homeschoolers live.  Pastor Woelmer of Faith, Plano, sent me this notice:

Faith Lutheran High School is a classical high school in Plano, Texas. Faith will now offer classes live using two-way HD-Video streaming through the Internet. The student will see the teacher on their home computer or lap-top, see the notes the teacher puts on the e-board, listen to the lecture, participate in live discussions with other students, and the teacher will be able to see the student as well.

Faith will offer the Omnibus 1 and Omnibus 3 classes taught from a Lutheran perspective. The Omnibus class consists of English, Theology, and History (3 credits) and is taught by a professional Lutheran school teacher with many years of classroom experience. Classes will start August 22, 2012.For more information, including cost and other details, call 972-423-7448 or send an email to:
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