This is the day the world ends?

This is the day the world ends? December 21, 2012

Not with a bang, but a whimper.  (To adapt T. S. Eliot’s lines from “The Hollow Men.”)

Today we see if the Mayans were right.

I worry that the world will end and that I’ll miss it.

So if you see any signs of a Mayan apocalypse today, please report in the comments.

I’m thinking, maybe it IS the end of the world.  How else to explain these developments?

(1) Grover Norquist is saying it’s all right for Republicans to let taxes go up.  (See today’s post on that subject.)

(2) The NRA is getting conciliatory about gun control.  (Today they are making some big announcement on the subject.  I’m on the road so I may not be able to blog about it.  If any of you hear what they have in mind, please post it in a comment.)

Anything else happening that you never thought you’d see on this plane of existence?

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