Alligator is considered a fish for lent

Alligator is considered a fish for lent February 15, 2013

Roman Catholics may not eat meat on Fridays during Lent, though they may eat fish.  The Archbishop of New Orleans has declared that alligator is “in the fish family” and “is considered seafood.”  Therefore, Catholics can eat alligator on Fridays.

From Rod Dreher, Lent In Louisiana | The American Conservative:


So are other reptiles and lizards considered fish?  What about land-based reptiles, especially those that live in deserts?  Can you eat turtle during Lent?  What about terrapins?  Are frogs considered seafood?  They do live in and around water.  But what about toads?  Is it allowed to eat whale, which is a mammal, even though it looks like a fish?  What about seal?   This is surely confusing for the faithful.  What a time for the pope to resign!

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