Sacramone’s free magazine for college students

Sacramone’s free magazine for college students February 7, 2013

Whatever happened to Anthony Sacramone, you may ask?  He of the blog Strange Herring.  Formerly of the blog Luther at the Movies.  The satirical Lutheran who blogs with manic intensity until he seemingly burns himself out and stops blogging for months, until he starts again with a slightly new identity.  Well, I have learned that he has become the Managing Editor of  Intercollegiate Review | A Publication of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

The ISI is a leading organization for conservatives in academia.  The Intercollegiate Review has long been a solid voice for the liberal arts, traditional values, conservative political theory, and critique of the postmodernist intellectual establishment.  But it was mostly aimed at faculty and could be rather, well, stodgy.

But now, the ISI is putting out a different thoughtful but stodgy journal and is recasting the Intercollegiate Review as a magazine–both online and in print–for conservative college students.  While retaining the content noted above, it will have a younger edge and will include movie reviews and satirical pieces by the Managing Editor.

Of special interest to college students and hangers-on is that subscriptions are free.

One might question the business model here.  Launching a glossy color magazine in the age of the internet.  Then putting it online.  Also giving it all away for free.  That last point in particular would seem to go against the economic principles that ISI regularly defends.  But I believe the project is driven by mission–with outside funding–rather than by the crasser concerns.  The prophet motive, rather than the profit motive.

But I hope the revamped publication is a great success, to the point that it takes on a life of its own and gives  Sacramone time enough so that he can resume blogging.

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  • Cincinnatus

    I’ve been a (free) subscriber to the Intercollegiate Review for about seven years. With all due respect to Mr. Sacramone–indeed, I don’t even know if it was his decision–the new format is ridiculous. The journal, formerly a reputable semi-academic, informally peer-reviewed report on the state of the academy, is now a thinned-out, dumbed-down, garish magazine targeted at college freshmen who want to be the most ideologically dogmatic, obnoxious conservatives they can be. I used to learn something from IR; the last copy–the first in the new format–was in the trash bin within minutes. I didn’t even recycle it lest someone else decide to read it and get the wrong impression of “intellectual” conservatism.

    That’s my take anyway.