The morning after abortion pill, over-the-counter

The morning after abortion pill, over-the-counter May 1, 2013

The “morning after” pill, designed to induce abortion immediately after sex, will now be available without a prescription to any female 15 and over.  This, my friends, is bigger than Roe v. Wade.

From the Washington Post:

The Obama administration on Tuesday approved over-the-counter sales of the morning-after pill for ages 15 and above, a move that contradicts a court order requiring the pill to be made available to women of all ages.

While it fell short of that order, the administration’s move represents a historic liberalization of contraception rules — perhaps the most significant since the morning-after drug was approved 14 years ago. Today, Plan B is available to teenagers younger than 17 only with a prescription. Older women must request it from a pharmacist.

In early April, U.S. District Judge Edward Korman ordered the Food and Drug Administration to make Plan B available over the counter to all women. He gave the Obama administration until May 5 to appeal his decision.

Keep reading at  Over-the-counter sales of Plan B morning-after pill approved for ages 15 and older – The Washington Post.

All ages?  So some people want the pill for “women” younger than 15?   And are indignant that this measure doesn’t go far enough?

Obamacare will also make the pill free.  I suppose that will be the only over-the-counter drug that health insurance will cover.

But do you see what this means?  Forget “contraception” (efforts to prevent conception).  Who will even bother with that anymore?  This moves us into a new phase of birth control that is post-conception, targeting the developing child after he or she is conceived.  What shall we call this approach? Don’t let anyone get away with calling it “contraception.”  It is “contrafetus,” or “contrachild.”

This routinizes abortion, making it happen so early that it won’t seem so horrible.  And won’t this be so much more convenient than all of the pills and barriers of contraception?  Just take a pill after sex.  And it will be over-the-counter.  No prescription necessary.  And it will be free.

It also takes the sexual revolution into a new phase.  Teenagers, even young adolescents are now freed to have sex at will.

Sex now can be completely separated from procreation.  The two can go their separate ways.  Sex can now be simply another means of entertainment.  Procreation can be handled by in vitro genetic engineering.  Research can accelerate on the artificial womb, which will finally liberate women from pregnancy and giving birth.


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