A handbook for Classical Lutheran Education

A handbook for Classical Lutheran Education July 18, 2013

I’m at the Consortium for Classical & Lutheran Education conference in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  To add to the organization’s school accreditation program, we announced a process for teacher certification in this approach.  Also announced was a new resource:  A Handbook for Classical Lutheran Education.

Edited by Cheryl Swope, Steven Hein, Paul Cain, and Tom Strickland, and with a foreword by me, the book began as a “best of” publication drawn from the CCLE’s journal over the years.  But the articles were selected so as to provide a handbook showing what classical education entails, what is distinctive about a Lutheran approach, and how to implement it, whether in a classroom or at home.

This should be of interest to more than Lutheran educators.  We can see in its pages the growth of the movement that is recovering the Western educational tradition, which has moved from the rather simplistic approach given in Dorothy L. Sayer’s “The Lost Tools of Learning” to some rich mining of the liberal arts tradition.

You can “look inside” at Amazon.  Here is the Table of Contents.


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