Off for the baptism of Michael Gustavus

Off for the baptism of Michael Gustavus September 27, 2013

This weekend, I’m making a mad dash to Oklahoma to be there for the baptism of my new grandson, Michael Gustavus.

Getting ready to go, I came across this, which has rated a RealClearReligion link, a rather flippant dismissal of infant baptism except as a communal rite of welcome.  Compare that discussion to this one:  The Large Catechism – Book of Concord.  (Notice how, according to the Lutheran confessions, Baptism is NOT a human work, but God’s work and that it cannot be separated from faith.  I understand that some people don’t believe in the efficacy of Baptism, whether or infants or adults, but I wish they would not mischaracterize the position of those who do.)  How would you answer the one you disagree with?

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