A children’s book on vocation

A children’s book on vocation November 7, 2013

My daughter, Deaconness Mary Moerbe, has just published a children’s book on vocation!  Luther was insistent that being a child is a vocation, that even very young children have callings from God.  This book shows kids how God serves them through other people (especially their parents) and how God also serves other people through them.  What an important and yet strangely neglected topic!

Mary’s book is entitled How Can I Help? God’s Calling For Kids.  It is written beautifully, has wonderful illustrations, and is published by Concordia Publishing House.  I wrote an introduction.  At the Amazon site, linked above, you can sample it with the “look inside” feature.  After the jump, an overview and ordering links.

From  How Can I Help? Gods Calling For Kids: Moerbe, Mary J., illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin: 9780758643476: Amazon.com: Books:

God sends people to help in little ways and big ways. He calls all of us to love and to serve others, to help however we can no matter how old or young we are. Christians have multiple vocations: at work, in church, as citizens in society, or as family members.

A child’s call to love and serve is the same as an adult’s.
Work= developing their talents
Church= going to Sunday School and learning about God
Citizens= learning how to act and behave in public
Family=Learning to honor their parents

How Can I Help? teaches children that God
1. provides for their needs, sometimes through others he places in their life
2. works through them to help others
3. has a plan for their life no matter what vocation they choose
4. sent Jesus who was not just a helper, but their Savior

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