April Fool’s Day central

April Fool’s Day central April 1, 2014

This is April Fool’s Day.  We don’t do pranks with phony posts here at the Cranach blog.  But we are willing to serve as a clearing house for reports of pranks.  If you come across any on the internet or elsewhere, please tell us about them, including a link when possible.

"traditionally, where the blood of a Christian martyr is shed, that ground is considered sacred."

Moloch at the Colosseum
"It seems like you only manage to find things that confirm your preconceived conclusions about ..."

Moloch at the Colosseum
"Re: your linked article. So, to the Pope's way of thinking, the harms done to ..."

Moloch at the Colosseum
"Re that article the USCCB isn't all that concerned about environmental well-being because their overlords ..."

Moloch at the Colosseum

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