A pastor, a country music artist, & Honky-Tonk Gospel

A pastor, a country music artist, & Honky-Tonk Gospel May 6, 2014

Some of you know Rev. Eric Andrae, a Lutheran pastor of note in Pittsburgh.  He sent me an e-mail saying, “I have a very good friend who’s a local country musician of some renown,” Slim Forsythe.  “we both just read your book Honky-Tonk Gospel, and we will have a radio appearance together next week [that is, THIS week, tomorrow, Wednesday].” Pastor Andrae adds, “Despite what the Dos Equis commercials claim, Slim Forsythe is actually the most interesting man in the world.”  He’s also a case-study in vocation, someone who gave up a successful law career for a life in music, fronting a Hank Williams tribute band, playing Western swing, rock-a-billy, and gospel, and fulfilling his dream of living over a bar.  Here is the announcement about their radio appearance tomorrow, which can be accessed online:

 Pastor Andrae’s monthly appearance on WORD-FM (Pittsburgh) will be a unique one. . . . Slim Forsythe – well known country/gospel musician, recent inductee to America’s Old Time Music Hall of Fame, and a good friend of First Trinity Lutheran Church – will join him live on the air at approx. 5:10-6:00pm Eastern time on “The Ride Home with John and Kathy.”  Slim will play several songs, including covers of Hank Williams (with Molly Alphabet) and Johnny Cash tunes, as well as an original, with Pastor Andrae offering theological/spiritual commentary.  At 5:10pm on Wednesday, May 7, tune in at 101.5-FM or world-wide at www.WORDFM.com.

That they are going to discuss my notorious book, written with Tom Wilmeth, Honky Tonk Gospel:  The Story of Sin and Salvation in Country Music, makes this interview even more frought with possibilities.   More on Slim Forsythe, including a YouTube performance, after the jump.

Slim Forsythe’s life story, says Pastor Andrae, includes four novels, time in Calcutta with Mother Theresa,civil disobedience, living on a Christian commune, etc. – all very good material for his country music career!  He is actually not a Lutheran, but an Episcopalian; he attends church about 6 or 7 times a year and when he does so it is here at First Trinity Lutheran.  He’s a baptized believer, clinging to the truth of the resurrection.  He considers me his pastor and his good friend.”

Click onto these links:

‘Slim’ Forsythe marks a decade singing like Hank Williams in Lawrenceville – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

God, Satan. . .and Slim Forsythe.  Pitsburgh City Paper

And here he talks about his faith and calling.

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