Vocation Bible School

Vocation Bible School June 11, 2014

Paul McCain tells me that the 2015 Vacation Bible School curriculum from Concordia Publishing House for 2015 will be about Vocation!

The theme will be “Jesus is at work through us.”  That’s an excellent succinct description of vocation, focusing not so much on our work but on Christ’s work through us.

The fun-and-games part is being called “Camp Discovery,” with activities tied to camping out.

“Campers of all ages learn that God gives them the wisdom and the courage to step out in faith as Jesus works through them—whether they’re at school, playing with friends, or helping out at home.”

Go here for more details:  2015 VBS – Camp Discovery – Jesus at Work Through Us!.

(Note that this will be for NEXT summer, not this summer.)

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