Stupid person tricks

Stupid person tricks August 4, 2014

One of the  latest YouTube “challenges” is to rub alcohol on yourself, set yourself on fire, and then put yourself out before you get burnt up.  All the while filming yourself so that you can post it on video.  Needless to say, this is resulting in serious injuries across the country, including at least one death.

But setting yourself on fire is not the only abysmally stupid and potentially dangerous “challenge” on the internet.  People on social media are challenging their “friends” to do other idiotic behavior.  After the jump, a link to other self-destructive trends and why no one should try them.

Go here for warnings about the following “challenges”:  A comprehensive guide to YouTube’s dumbest and most dangerous teen trends – The Washington Post.

  • The Fire Challenge
  • The Cinnamon Challenge
  • The Saltine Cracker Challenge
  • The Banana Challenge
  • The No-Cry Challenge
  • The Salt-and-Ice Challenge
  • The Banana-Sprite and Milk Challenge
  • The Condom Challenge
  • The Hot Pepper Challenge
  • Neknomination
  • The Eraser Challenge
  • The Cold Water Challenge

This sort of thing isn’t new to the internet, of course.  Some of these very stunts go back to the “I dare you” phase of my childhood.  (It was easy to resist “I dare you” challenges.  “Double-dare” was harder.  But “double-dog-dare” was almost impossible to turn down.)

I guess this is what is left of the concept of “honor.”

Or what?  Why would why anyone do these things?  Why would anyone, having done them, want their friends to do them too?  And, having done them, why do people post their humiliation on YouTube?

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