Jihadist vs. jihadist

Jihadist vs. jihadist September 8, 2014

Remember the Badr Brigade, the vicious jihadists that were the bane of our existence in the Iraq War?  Remember Iran, the vicious jihadists that have been the bane of our existence ever since the hostage crisis during the Carter administration?  Well, the Badr Brigade and Iran are both our allies in the struggle against the even more vicious jihadists known as the Islamic State.

The fact is, the struggle in the Middle East is not just against the West or even Israel.  We are seeing a religious war between the two major sects of Islam, the Sunni and the Shi’a.  Their relationship is about the same as that of the Catholics and the Protestants during the Thirty Years War.  While they are both arrayed against the West and Israel (just as Protestants and Catholics were both arrayed against the Muslims in the 17th century), these two groups consider each other heretics and apostates and wage jihad against each other.  After the jump, a rough guide as to who is on what side.

Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL = Sunni

Syria’s dictator Assad = Shi’a, oppressing a Sunni majority

Iraq’s late dictator Saddam Hussein = Sunni, oppressing a Shi’a majority

Iran = Shi’a

al-Qaeda = Sunni

Lebanon’s Hezbollah = Shi’a

Palestinians = Sunni

Afghanistan’s Taliban = Sunni, oppressing a Shi’a minority

Pakistan = bitterly divided

Muslims in Africa = mostly Sunni

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Arab Emirate, Bahraine, Qatar = Sunni

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