The all-Lutheran music channel

The all-Lutheran music channel December 5, 2014

The multi-talented Lori Lewis has launched an internet radio channel devoted to Lutheran music.  That is to say, to 16th and 17th century sacred music with lots of hymns, chorales, and Bach.  The channel is called Wittenberg Nightingale, after an epithet for Luther from the poet Hans Sachs, and is a spinoff of Lori’s Katie Luther project, the opera about Luther’s wife.

From Lori Lewis:

Check out our new Live365 Radio station, Wittenberg Nightingale! All Sacred Classical Music that goes along with our Katie Luther Projects!

It will follow the Church Calendar with music and devotions and a few talk programs.

The music is programmed by Rev.Randy Wurschmidt of Concordia Theological Sem, Fort Wayne.

Wittenberg Nightingale – Online Radio Station – Live365.

See also Lori’s other venture, Everyday Opera.


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