Lenten reading

Lenten reading February 18, 2015

One of my customary Lenten observances is always to read some heavy-duty theology or some deep, deep classics of devotion.  Over the years, I’ve read works by Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, and more modern theologians like Oswald Bayer.  Last year I read Martin Chemnitz, The Two Natures of Christ to my great benefit.  Another year, I read something much, much easier, but even more beneficial:  John Kleinig’s Grace Upon Grace.

I’m kind of undecided about what I will take up this year. Do you have any suggestions?  For me, but also for other readers of this blog?  (My criteria after the jump.)When I read theology for Lent, I’d also like it to have some devotional effect.  Luther is especially good with that.  But technical theology, exploring some fine point in doctrine or church history–while possibly interesting to me and something I might read later–is not what I’m looking for in my Lenten reading.

I’ve read C. S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, and that crowd.  I’ve also read quite a bit of historically-important theology, including Calvin’s Institutes.   And I’ve read most of the Lutheran classics, from the Book of Concord through Gerhard to Bo Giertz.  And I am already reading the Bible regularly.  I’ve worked through the Daily Treasury of Prayer a number of times.

For Lent, I’d like something and someone a little different from what I’ve read before.  It can be old or new.  Difficult or easy.  It doesn’t have to be Lutheran, as such, though I would like to be in at least general agreement with it.

Help me out here.

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