“Oppressive chocolate capitalists” from “the romantic industrial complex”

“Oppressive chocolate capitalists” from “the romantic industrial complex” February 13, 2015

Japanese protesters will hold a march in Tokyo against St. Valentine’s Day, contending that it is a plot by “oppressive chocolate capitalists” from “the romantic industrial complex.”  The organizers are a group that calls itself the Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women Find Unattractive.  The contention is that, following Marxist analysis, romantic attractiveness is a function of class oppression.

I know, I know, it sounds bogus, or at least tongue in cheek.  But the group is being covered as legitimate by the Washington Post and Japanese media.

From Japanese revolutionaries plot to ‘crush St Valentine’s Day’ – Telegraph:

A group in Japan is planning a protest march in Tokyo on Valentine’s Day, complaining that the event is a cynical money-making ploy by “oppressive chocolate capitalists”.

The group, known as Kakuhido, which translates roughly as the Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women find Unattractive, will march for an hour and a half through Tokyo’s Shibuya district.

“The blood-soaked conspiracy of Valentine’s Day, driven by the oppressive chocolate capitalists, has arrived once again,” announced Kakuhido on its website.

“In order to create a brighter future, we call for solidarity among our unloved comrades so that we may demonstrate in resolute opposition to Valentine’s Day and the romantic industrial complex”, it added.

The group’s organisers have provided their footsoldiers with a list of approved chants which include: “Crush St Valentine’s Day!”, “Do not be fooled by chocolate capitalism” and “Flirting is terrorism – wage war on terrorism!” . . .

Kakuhido was founded in 2006 by Katsuhiro Furusawa, who started reading the Communist manifesto after being dumped by his girlfriend at Christmas – and swiftly concluded that not being popular with the opposite sex is a class issue.

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