You may now eat cholesterol-heavy foods

You may now eat cholesterol-heavy foods February 12, 2015

Have you been told to “watch your cholesterol,” so you’ve gone on a diet that cut out eggs, meats, and some of your favorite foods, making yourself miserable?  Well, it was all for NOTHING.

The official Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, recognizing that cholesterol comes from the liver and not the food we eat and that cholesterol in the blood isn’t the main factor in heart disease anyway, has decreed that people need not longer worry about cholesterol in their diets.  So go eat an egg.

From Eggs Are In After Nutrition Panel Lifts Cholesterol Warning « CBS Minnesota:

Something many of us have been trying to avoid is now okay to eat.

The nation’s top nutrition panel is dropping its guidelines about avoiding foods that are high in cholesterol.

The new finding by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee means that cholesterol is no longer listed as a “nutrient of concern.”

It’s a move that reverses nearly 40 years of government warnings about cholesterol-rich foods.

Researchers now believe that eating foods like eggs, butter, steaks, shrimp and lobster may not significantly impact the level of cholesterol in the blood or increase the risk of heart disease.

They reviewed the clinical trials that were used in the 1970s and 80s as the basis for warnings about cholesterol and found that the evidence just didn’t add up.

Cholesterol is coming off the naughty list when it comes to nutrients in foods.

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For the report, go here. See this for more details.

The true culprit in heart disease, the report says, is trans-fats and other bad things we eat, so I would think a low cholesterol diet could still be healthy.  But, according to this panel, the problem is not cholesterol.  Yes, we should still watch what we eat, but eggs are good for us.

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