How they hate us

How they hate us March 9, 2015

We saw the movie The Kingsmen this weekend, a throwback to the over-the-top James Bond style “gentlemen spies.”  It was mostly entertaining, and lots of conservatives like it because the villain is a global warming fanatic who wants to exterminate the human race to save the planet.  But it included a scene in which the hero goes into a crowded church and just slaughters everybody, men and women alike, the bodies heaped up on the pews and in the chancel.

This was supposedly a “racist” church, though among its members’ crimes was being opposed to abortion. And the hero was supposedly sent on his rampage by the villain’s mind-control devise, and a couple of characters said how awful it was.  But the scene of church ladies getting shot in the face, the minister getting impaled, and crosses and a Bible used to kill people, was played as entertainment–not as shock–and there were just too many laughs in the movie theater.  It struck me just how much many people in the world hate Christians–just HATE us–and how what happens in the fantasy of the imagination may well happen some day in real life.

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