A pro-abortion children’s book

A pro-abortion children’s book April 8, 2015

A new children’s book, entitled Sister Apple, Sister Pig,  is an attempt to teach children that it is a good thing to have a sibling who was aborted.

From Michael Avramovich, Shocking New Children’s Book – Mere Comments:

Sister Apple, Sister Pig is a new, very creepy children’s book by Mary Walling Blackburn. Like other children’s books, its 33 pages are filled with photographic images. Lee, the three-year-old, non-gendered protagonist, is now the parents’ only child. Lee had a sister, and scours the world looking for the sister, or more precisely, a ghost of her sister. When Lee sees a rosy apple on the highest branches of a tree, Lee asks, “Is that my sister?” Her father replies, “If you would like the apple to be your sister . . . but, the winter is long and you would have to eat her!” Lee exclaims, “Nah! The apple is not my sister! The pigs will eat the apple, but the apple is not my sister!” Then Lee announces, “The pig is my sister!” Her Papa explains, “If you would like the pig to be your sister, be my guest! But will you eat her fried, stewed, or baked?” Lee finally has an answer: “No, the pig is not my sister! Look at the pig’s behind! That is not my sister’s behind!” At a certain point in the story, Lee begins to explain about her sister. “Well, she used to live in Mama and doesn’t anymore. She doesn’t live with us.” Lee’s Papa says, “That’s right, she briefly lived in Mama.” But Lee has more to say, “She lived before me, but Mama couldn’t keep her. Mama says she is a ghost.” At this point, Lee tells her father: “I’m not sad that my sister is a ghost! If you kept my sister, you would be tired, and sad, and mad!” Her Papa wonders why, and Lee explains:

Because we would be wild and loud and sometimes we would fight. Mama might be scared that she could not buy enough food for us. Mama might not have enough time to read to me, to paint with me, to play with me, to talk with me….

When her Papa remembers that the sister ghost is on Lee’s mind, he says, “Lee, you have some good reasons to not have a sister right here right now. Maybe you will have another sister when there is more time, and there is more money.” Soon, Lee’s uncle is reading a story to her. Uncle asks, “Why is your sister a ghost, Lee?” And Lee explains, “Mama had an abortion before she had me. Sister is a happy ghost,” Lee reassures her Uncle. And shortly thereafter, the book ends.


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