Get your “Little Luther”

Get your “Little Luther” June 9, 2015

As we blogged about earlier, Playmobil’s biggest selling toy figure of all time is their new rendition of Martin Luther.   Now it is going on sale in the United States.   See how to get one after the jump.

Concordia Publishing House is selling them!  Order a “Little Luther” here:  Playmobil Martin Luther.

He’s faithful.

He’s fiery.

He’s Little Luther!

With his quill, his cap, and his German Bible, this Little Luther Playmobil® is ready to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. He’s the fastest-selling toy in Playmobil history, so preorder him now before he runs out!

Here is the product overview:

This little 3″ Martin Luther, created by Playmobil®, is proving he is just as popular in plastic as he was in person. Dressed in his 16th century academic robes and sporting a neat brown bob, little floppy cap, big brown eyes, and c-clamp hands, Martin Luther stands ready as he holds his tiny quill pen and a copy of his New Testament in German.

He’s ready to help celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Are you?

“Little Luther” costs $9.99–why, that’s less than ten dollars!–and will ship the first of July.

CPH is also sponsoring an Instagram game:

#LittleLutherWhere will you take him? On a road trip? To a beer fest? To a birthday party (as the cake topper)? Post your photos on Instagram and tag them #LittleLuther for a chance to be featured here.
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