My daughter’s new book: Teaching kids about church

My daughter’s new book: Teaching kids about church June 18, 2015

Do you have little kids who squirm and whine and have no idea what is going on in church?  Then you need the new book by my daughter, Deaconness Mary Moerbe,  entitled Whisper, Whisper: Learning About Church.

It’s a children’s book, with wonderful illustrations by Martha Aviles and a charming rhyming text.  But it also includes suggestions in the margins for how parents can help their children take part in the Divine Service.

Hers came out the same day mine did, which makes me very proud.  More about her book after the jump.

Description at Amazon for Whisper, Whisper: Learning About Church:

“Whisper, Whisper” encourages families to attend church and seeks to prepare very young children for the routine and ritual of worship services. It can be used in the home on Saturday evening to prepare for Sunday morning; it can be used in the pew before service; and it can be included in church quiet bags and new member or baptismal packets.

32-page picture book with rhyming text, in-sanctuary tips, and engaging, colorful illustrations. Each page has a couplet that introduces what is happening at church; the optional activities help to focus attention and remind about behavior.

For parents of children up to age 4, this book would be purchased by parents, grandparents, Godparents and churches as baptismal gifts, preschools and daycare centers, and congregations to give to new members.

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