New York Times exposes Marco Rubio

New York Times exposes Marco Rubio June 12, 2015

The New York Times has published a series of articles (linked at the source, after the jump) uncovering scandalous details about Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio:  He has had 4 traffic tickets over 17 years!  He has a boat!  He has oversized windows in his house!  He has a nice car–OK, he just leases it, but still!  How could anyone vote for a man like that?

This kind of stretching shows that liberals are indeed afraid of Rubio.  It also shows the extreme-to-the-point-of-comical political bias of the New York Times.  Satirist Jon Stewart tends to be on the liberal side, but this coverage is so outlandish that it makes the Times a juicy target.  See the clip of what he does to the nation’s so-called paper of record, as well as an article about it, after the jump.


From Jon Stewart SHREDS The New York Times Over Marco Rubio Coverage:

Jon Stewart tore into The New York Times on Wednesday night’s “Daily Show” for the paper’s supposed expose of Sen. Marco Rubio’s finances.

The paper reported last week that Rubio, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, had received four traffic tickets, and on Tuesday noted that his spending habits included purchasing an $80,000 speedboat and leasing a $50,000 car.

But Stewart said the paper was “treating inconsequential gossip like serious concerns.”

“How is this front page news?” Stewart asked. “I can’t think of a single person who would be bothered by this.”

He also tore into the paper’s description of one of Rubio’s homes:

“…an in-ground pool, a handsome brick driveway, meticulously manicured shrubs and oversize windows.”

“Oversized windows!” Stewart said, in mock outrage. “Oh, what’s the matter, senator? The normal amount of light isn’t good enough for you?”

In a clip shown by Stewart, The Times’ Sheryl Gay Stolberg defended the coverage, saying running for president opens every aspect of your life to public scrutiny.

“This is kind of the game, right?” she said.

“Yeah sure, it’s a game, it’s a f******game,” Stewart said. “What’s The New York Times gonna do, exercise editorial control? No. It’s like their motto says, ‘Don’t hate the paper… hate the game.’”


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