Pro-abortion activists plan new strategy

Pro-abortion activists plan new strategy June 22, 2015

The strategy of abortion apologists up to now has been to employ euphemism (“pro-choice”) and use extreme situations (rape, incest) to make their case.  Activists have now decided that to “normalize” abortion and to present it as a good thing, they need to use the word they used to draw away from, “abortion,” and emphasize the vast majority of cases motivated by convenience.  And, of course, as in the rhetorical move that can be used to justify about anything to a sentimental public, they will put a “human face” on the issue by having sympathetic women who have had abortions tell their “stories.”

For more details, you can read this cold-blooded and biased story from the Washington Post:   How a new generation of activists is trying to make abortion normal – The Washington Post.

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