Greeks vote “No”

Greeks vote “No” July 6, 2015

Greeks voted “no” on a referendum on whether they should let their economy get bailed out at the price of austerity measures.  Now we’ll see what this will do to the Greek economy, to the Euro, and to the European Union.   (Not to mention the rest of the world’s economy, including that of the U.S.A.)  The Greeks started what would become Europe.  Now they just might take it out.

From The Associated Press:

Voters in Greece resoundingly rejected creditors’ demands for more austerity in return for rescue loans Sunday, backing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who insisted the vote would give him a stronger hand to reach a better deal.

The opposition accused Tsipras of jeopardizing the country’s membership in the 19-nation club that uses the euro and said a “yes” vote was about keeping the common currency.

With 87 percent of the votes counted, the “no” side had more than 60 percent.

“Today we celebrate the victory of democracy,” Tsipras, who gambled the future of his 5-month-old left-wing government on the vote, said in an address to the nation.

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