The companies that give money to Planned Parenthood

The companies that give money to Planned Parenthood July 23, 2015

The cultural left has made a practice of shaming and pressuring companies that give money to conservative and pro-traditional-family causes.  So, in light of the recent revelations about the abortion industry, perhaps it is fitting to identify companies that give money to Planned Parenthood.

After the jump is a list of corporate Planned Parenthood contributors.  It includes big financial companies, a representative of big oil, pharmaceutical manufacturers, junk food makers, and other big corporations that are usually considered bogeymen among liberals.  There are also high tech and fashion firms that one might expect.  Then there are  charities such as the March of Dimes and United Way.

UPDATE:  Some of these companies are already pulling out and denying that they give, as Planned Parenthood takes down the list from its website.  See this before you boycott.

UPDATE:  Coca-Cola has demanded that Planned Parenthood take its name off its list, saying it neither donates nor matches employee contributions to the organization.  Xerox and Ford (already removed from this list) made the same complaint.  (HT:  Mary Moerbe)

From Meet the 39 Companies That Donate to Planned Parenthood:

  1. Adobe
  2. American Cancer Society
  3. American Express
  4. AT&T
  5. Avon
  6. Bank of America
  7. Bath & Body Works
  8. Ben & Jerry’s
  9. Clorox
  10. Coca-Cola
  11. Converse
  12. Deutsche Bank
  13. Dockers
  14. Energizer
  15. Expedia
  16. ExxonMobil
  17. Fannie Mae
  18. Groupon
  19. Intuit
  20. Johnson & Johnson
  21. La Senza
  22. Levi Strauss
  23. Liberty Mutual
  24. Macy’s
  25. March of Dimes
  26. Microsoft
  27. Morgan Stanley
  28. Nike
  29. Oracle
  30. PepsiCo
  31. Pfizer
  32. Progressive
  33. Starbucks
  34. Susan G. Komen
  35. Tostitos
  36. Unilever
  37. United Way
  38. Verizon
  39. Wells Fargo


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