So where are the Democratic debates?

So where are the Democratic debates? September 23, 2015

There are, as of this date, five candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination:  Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb.  Why aren’t they debating like the Republican candidates are?

There will be some Democratic debates–six of them, the smallest number in a modern race without an incumbent–but they will be late in the primary season at unusual times that would seem to guarantee the smallest audience.

Could it be that the Democratic National Committee is trying to arrange a coronation of Mrs. Clinton, rather than a legitimate contest between all of the candidates?  Those candidates think so, as do lots of grass root Democrats, who have been protesting at the DNC headquarters.

From Washington Examiner: Democrats’ debate schedule leaves much to be desired | News OK:

REPUBLICANS have scheduled 10 presidential primary debates ahead of next year’s elections. Democrats, on the other hand, have limited the number of debates between their party’s candidates to just six.

This has put the Democratic National Committee in a bit of a bind. Its leaders want to have fewer debates, so that the odds are enhanced of reaching the preordained outcome — a victory by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. To that end, they have not only scheduled fewer debates, but they have scheduled them mostly outside of the primary season and on days when people are unlikely to watch.

Yes, Clinton will have to face her competition, but it will happen when most Americans will be watching college football (on Saturday, Nov. 14) or shopping for Christmas (on Saturday, Dec. 19) or enjoying anapolitical Martin Luther King Day weekend with their families (Sunday, Jan. 17).

Many rank-and-file Democrats are not happy about this. Last week, the Washington Examiner’s Ariel Cohen reported that the DNC had to rope off protesters outside of its Washington, D.C., headquarters just south of the parking lots that ring the House office buildings. They were there to demand more debates. Democratic Party officials may not realize, but it is in their best interest to listen.

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