Aussie Lutherans vote not to ordain women

Aussie Lutherans vote not to ordain women October 6, 2015

The Lutheran Church of Australia once again voted NOT to ordain women.From General Synod 2015 Ordination: Synod says ‘no’ – General Synod 2015:

General Synod has said ‘no’ to the ordination of women in the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA).

At 11.25 this morning, Saturday, 3 October, LCA Bishop John Henderson declared the result of the secret ballot. Of the 423 delegates registered at convention, 145 voted against the resolution to ordain both men and women; 269 supported it. The Constitution of the LCA requires a two-thirds majority of registered delegates at the convention to bring about a change in matters of a theological or confessional nature.

The vote followed a number of sessions of dialogue and debate among the 420-plus delegates, supported by worship and prayer. Seventy-eight delegates – 39 pastors and 39 lay people – spoke to the proposal.

Lutheran churches around the world and ecumenical partners in Australia have been praying for the LCA during this time of discernment.

The resolution to General Synod, presented by St Peter’s Lutheran Parish, Indooroopilly, read: ‘that the LCA accepts the ordination of both men and women and amends Theses of Agreement VI and the Constitution accordingly’.

Synod will deliberate on the impact of this decision on the church.



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