How about Al Gore?

How about Al Gore? October 5, 2015

As Hilary Clinton’s poll numbers dive, some Democrats are wanting Al Gore to run, and the former Democratic candidate, while downplaying his interest, will not rule it out.

So, if Republicans nominate someone unelectable, who would you rather have as president, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or Al Gore?

From Al Gore’s Friends and Former Aides Eyeing 2016 Race – ABC News:

A one-time high-ranking political adviser to Al Gore tells ABC News that a group of friends and former aides are having a “soft conversation” about the possibility that Gore run for president in 2016.

The adviser cautions that there have been no formal or even informal moves by Gore himself -– but that the former vice president has not ruled out anything. This was first reported by BuzzFeed.

Gore ran for president in 2000 and was successful in clinching the Democratic nomination, but ultimately lost the general election to George W. Bush.

This comes, of course, as the current vice president, Joe Biden, spends time with family this month mulling his own bid.

The Gore conversations are not as far along as those for Biden, who has also not ruled out a run.

It’s all against the backdrop of growing concern in the Democratic Party about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.


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