Let’s liveblog the Democratic debate

Let’s liveblog the Democratic debate October 13, 2015

The Democratic presidential candidates will hold their first debate tonight on CNN at 8:30 ET.   The participants will be Hillary Clinton, entitled and irked and pressured to project a better image; Bernie Sanders, the geriatric socialist; Martin O’Malley, the governor and rock guitarist; Lincoln Chaffee, who is running on a platform of imposing the metric system; and Jim Webb, the last of the Southern Democrats who was Reagan’s war-hero Secretary of the Navy turned anti-war populist.  I think the interactions of this group and the efforts to take down Mrs. Clinton could be very interesting and entertaining.  It will be the first time the public will have been able to see the non-Clinton candidates, and even many conservatives will be wondering if they can support any of these Democrats if Donald Trump takes the Republican nomination.  Also, CNN has agreed to put Joe Biden on the stage if he decides to enter the race at the last minute.

So this event begs for live-blogging.  Join me here to tonight and we’ll use the comments to discuss the debate as it unfolds.

UPDATE:  Due to the comments already put up here, I started a new separate post for  liveblogging the debate.

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